Video Production and Live Stream witch fits the format of your conference

Turn the world’s eye on you


We are living in the age where people expect instant access to information. And they expect not to be confined by place or time. Having video production and live stream present at your conference places ensures that anyone can see what you have to offer.


Multiple Cameras

A must have in conferences, a Multiple Camera set-up allows to show the full amplitude of a event. It captures Speakers from different angles, shows public interaction and is overall an extremely versatile set-up.

Live Stream

Do not stop at recording your conference, wherever a camera is present live stream is also an option. An option that we strongly advise for. Live Streaming your conference has immense benefices you can learn more about that here.

Title Graphics

Give a more professional look to your video product by adding title plates of the conference, name plates for your speakers. Remember that graphics take some time to prepare and you should think about this option in advance.

Live Mixing

A experienced director will take care that everything that happens in the conference room is captured faithfully, the speakers movement, the publics reaction, the emotion, the applause.

Slides Capture

By capturing the presentation Slides the end video product becomes more relevant, easy to follow and there for more relevant for the end user. Keep in mind that in order to accommodate this option we will need to communicate with the service providers for the projection.


All our services can be customized to fit your necessities. Need more cameras, or you what something special to be shot, or you might have something new in mind, tell us and we will make in for you.