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You hire the most tech-savvy, practiced video production crew.

For five years we have been offering tailor made video services to conferences and events in the entire Europe. If you scroll down you will learn more about us and about what we can do. At the end don’t forget to tell us more about you and your event. We are always looking for new friends and collaborators.


watch our video Let’s talk about it


Have a look at the types of video productions you can use. If your event it is not on this list we can always create new set-ups.

Events come in different shapes and sizes, all with their specific needs. Think a little what would be the best thing for your event. If you are not sure what that is how we can help you with that choice.


Our services can be used in a lot of fruitful ways for different purposes like branding, exposure, building audience, broadcasting in other countries, even to impress sponsors.
Use your imagination without worries because it is our job to make it real.

  • Conference

    Video Production and Live Stream witch fits the format of your conference

  • Workshops

    Video Production for internal communication created for your company.

  • Live Shows

    Live Video Poduction for your Live Show

  • Sporting events

    Video, Run, Sport, Live

  • Product Launch

    Video production to make your product seen.

  • Interviews

    Bringing your own Web Studio at your venue

Some of Our Projects

Here we showcase our best projects. Take a look, we will love to add your project here.

Long gone are the days of text and image.

This is the age of video

Video is the absolute medium for communication. Nothing else can engage the mind as well the heart, be interesting and easy to distribute as a video is today.

Anyone will be able to be a part of your event.

Imagine how it would be if you had the power to broadcast your content in any place of the wold. What would you do with that power? What wonderful things will you show? Who will you reach? Live streaming gives you that power. You will be able to reach new audiences, maintain old ones, showcase your event. This is not marketing talk, any person with a internet connection can become part of your audience.

Commonly Asked Questions

The list of reasons why you should live stream is extremely long. Two Important aspects come into play, Marketing and Audience.

They will love it. By live streaming your event will have a larger audience therefore more people will see your sponsor brand. And having a filming crew at your event makes the overall image more impactful

Everyone that matters. Google’s I/O conference, Apple’s WWDC conference, E3, TED, Microsoft Summit, only to name a few.

Of course we can. Live streaming it is complicated, but do not worry. We have set up this easy guide to help you understand what we need. After you complete the form you do not have to worry any more




image of the event

Cameras had always impressed people, they give a feeling of “something important is happening” wherever they are present. So having crew and cameras will complete the image of a modern and major event.

online presence

By live streaming you can reach a broader audience located all around the world. You can give the stream for free, you can charge a fee, you can chose to broadcast to a specific place. The choice is yours.

create communities

We know that a big part in any event is networking. People who love or wish to come to your event will not alway be able to be present there. Keep them close by offering them a way to be part of what is going on at your event.


With us it is easy for you to set-up a live stream and for the end user to access.


All the recordings can be used to create marketing materials for further promoting your event. Clips, Take-outs, Interviews, Ads.

overall satisfaction

People are the heart and soul of every event, either big or small and the video that we create for you will help you keep these people happy. The live stream, video clips and interviews, we have something for every need.


The LIVE Team

We are the Live Team, how we like to call ourselves. We are the brains and the brawn behind your video production and live streaming. Just remember not to feed us after midnight.

Clement Nicolaescu

Managing Partener / Co-Founder

Bogdan Benea

Production Manager

Dan Burghelea


Dragos Mazo


Teodor Dima


Marius Visoiu

Special Equipment Supervisor

Cristi Enache

Camera Operator

Tiberiu Cimpoeru

Camera Operator

How We Do It

Video Production is a complex process where all the details matter, we developed tools and procedures to keep everything in order.

  • Discussion

    The moment when we establish details about the video production. This will be the most important part of our collaboration

  • Install

    At the given time and place we will come and instal our equipment. Last details and surprises are resolved, if there are any

  • The Event

    Live Streaming, Recording, Everything is running smooth

  • Publish

    You receive the final recording. We are happy

We are flexiLIVE and this is our story

In the universal context of technological evolution and advanced internet penetration, our founders decided to build a company that will ride the wave of innovation. Thus flexiLIVE came into existence, a project that focused on LIVE Broadcast for the growing internet audience. Form the start our goal was to deliver high-end video products using the latest technological solutions. Since then our team grew in numbers and experience by working on hundreds of events ranging from conferences, awards galas, concerts, medical interventions and special adventure projects, in different cities in five nations across Europe.

10 FullHD Cams
7 Simultaneous Stages
1200 + Events
  • “The collaboration between and flexiLIVE was very productive. Three words describe it the best: fast, excellent and flexible.”

    Andrei Savescu /

  • “flexiLIVE is one of the best suppliers for Internet & Mobile World Romania. The team showed a remarkable professionalism. I strongly recommend flexiLIVE if you are looking for a reliable partner.”

    Mihai Cima / Universum Events

  • “Regarding our 2013 How to Web conference, flexiLIVE provided us with the best quality live broadcasting ever. flexiLIVE's team was prompt and very professional and there is no doubt that we will work together in the future.”

    Bogdan Iordache / How to Web

  • “Our relation with flexiLIVE is special to us, the BusinessDays, It started from a simple client-provider collaboration but over time has developed into a beautiful friendship and partnership.”

    Lazlo Pacso / Business Days

  • “The joint project between Open Connect and flexiLIVE has been the best thing that could happen to and for us. flexiLIVE's team impressed us with their availability, their way of problem solving approach and how they manage to adapt each situation to its own specifics. ”

    Dragos Roua / Open Connect

Trusted Brands & Clients

Be part of our circle of friends and collaborators. With most of them we have a long lasting relationship built on hard work and mutual commitment.

Appropriate solutions and sticky functions dynamic fabricate without impact

Proactive niches with interdependent information iterate go forward sources

Quickly enable synergistic meta-services vis-a-vis standards compliant

Completely engineer team driven customer service rather than goal-oriented

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